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5 Car safety checks that can save your life

By April 5, 2019May 2nd, 2019No Comments
car safety checks

Carrying out a basic car road safety inspection is quick and easy to do. It can also go a long way to keeping you and your family safe on the roads this holiday.

Check your car’s lights

Make sure that your headlights and taillights are in working order. Even if you plan to drive in broad daylight, you never know when it may start to rain or get misty. Break lights and indicators must also be checked. It is critical that other road users know of your intentions so that they can react accordingly.

Check your car’s fluids

This is a simple process that people often forget to monitor. Make sure that your car’s oil, coolant and brake fluid levels are adequate. If these are too low, your car is not safe to drive.

Check your car’s windscreen wipers

A smudged windscreen can mean the difference between life and death. Check that your windscreen wipers are working and that the rubber blades are not worn, leaving streaks on your windshield. Also check that the wiper wash bottle is full.

Check your car’s tyres

The condition of your car’s tyres are crucial as they are the connection between your vehicle and the road. Make sure that the tread depth is not too worn and that your tyres are free from any obvious damage and bulges. Remember to check the tyre pressure (including the spare) and that you have a car jack and wheel spanner in your boot too. You never know when you may need to change a tyre.

Check your car’s brakes

A car must be controlled under braking. Test to see how your vehicle reacts to braking when driving (at a slow speed and in a safe area). If it pulls to one side under braking, it is not safe to drive. Visit your nearest authorised auto mechanic for help.