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About us

Your personal injury is our priority.

Committed to fighting for victims of negligence, James Adendorff founded the firm in 2006. Today, our talented and resourceful team of lawyers is still driven to ensure that each client’s personal injury matter is our top priority. We take pride in delivering our nationwide services with empathy and integrity and have, over the years, earned an impressive reputation for courtroom success and securing millions of rands in compensation for our clients.

The firm specialises in personal injury claims resulting from vehicle and train accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice and unlawful arrest and police assaults. It also holds a special interest in personal injuries relating to amputation, head and brain, and spinal cord matters.

Our purpose

• Our client’s personal injury is our priority.

Our approach

Our culture: of committed teamwork sees us take ownership of our responsibilities and provide our services with empathy and integrity.
Our vision: is to continue to be a reputable team that delivers personalised services nationwide.
Our behaviour: is guided by ownership, committed teamwork, empathy and integrity.
Our stakeholders: we hold ourselves accountable to our clients, team members, service providers and founders.

Our Team

The Attorneys

AALAW Adendorf Attorney James Adendorff

James Adendorff

Director, BA (Hons) LLB
James completed his articles and was admitted as an attorney in 2004. He founded Adendorff Attorneys in 2006, and has served as Director since.
James provides aggressive and effective representation for clients injured in any type of personal injury matters and makes certain that each client is given the personal attention and care they deserve.
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AALAW Adendorf Attorney Jurie Terblanche

Jurie Terblanche

Senior Associate, BComm LLB
After attending the School for Legal Practice at the University of Cape Town and completing his articles, Jurie was admitted as an attorney in 2004, and joined Adendorff Attorneys in 2006.
Jurie concentrates on road accident matters and High Court Litigation. He has a proven track record of success due to his dedication and excellent problem solving skills.
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AALAW Adendorf Attorney Hanene Steynberg

Hanene Steynberg

Associate, LLB
Hanene was admitted as an attorney in 2011, after completing her articles at Adendorff Attorneys.
Hanene specialises in road accident matters and strives to protect the rights and best interests of her clients while achieving the maximum possible recovery for each.
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Carolyn Adendorff

Carolyn Adendorff

Associate, BCom LLB
Carolyn completed her articles and was admitted as an attorney in 2002.
Since joining Adendorff Attorneys in 2006, Carolyn has gained extensive experience in personal injury matters, appreciating the complex and demanding nature of such cases.
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AALAW Adendorf Attorney Jeanelle Van As

Jeanelle van As

Associate, LLB
After completing her articles at Adendorff Attorneys, Jeanelle obtained her LLB summa cum laude and was admitted as an attorney in 2013.
Jeanelle believes in providing victims and their families with the best representation possible in each unique personal injury case.
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AALAW Adendorf Attorney Le Roux Snyman

Le Roux Snyman

Professional Assistant, LLB
Le Roux joined Adendorff Attorneys in 2014 to complete his articles. Recently admitted as an attorney in 2016, he has wasted no time gaining experience in medical malpractice cases, train accident cases and cases of police assault and unlawful arrest.
Le Roux handles his matters in a trustworthy and meticulous manner, committing all available resources to see the case through to conclusion.
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AALAW Adendorf Attorney Celia Fourie

Celia Fourie

Professional Assistant, LLB
Celia completed her articles and was admitted as an attorney in 2016. In the same year, Celia joined Adendorff Attorneys where she specialises in road accident matters and High Court Litigation. Celia takes great pride in her relationships with her clients and understanding their need to remain informed.
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Staff members

Mirriam Noma Elliot Faye

Mirriam Noma-Elliot Faye

Legal interpreter
Born and raised in Eastern Cape, Mirriam is Hlubi traditional and speaks isiXhosa. She joined Adendorff Attorneys in 2011 and plays a vital role as a translator for our clients. Mirriam ensures that communication between client and attorney is clearly understood.
“The clients come in with broken hearts, and they leave our office with a smile.”
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Jill Bridger

Financial Manager
Johannesburg-born Jill first graduated in Hotel Management and later as a Company Secretary. Upon moving to Cape Town some years later, the legal accounting field caught her attention and Jill opened up a small accounting practice, servicing smaller firms. This is how she met Adendorff and in 2006 Jill joined the firm full-time.
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AALAW Adendorf Attorney Belinda Durham

Belinda Durham

Office Manager
Belinda enjoys a proven track record of consistent achievement in securing and winning high value business as well as nurturing profitable long term client relationships. She possesses a genuine passion for people and strong values of integrity, responsibility and reliability.
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Motor Vehicle Assist

AALAW Adendorf Attorney Motor Vehicle AssistMotor Vehicle Assist (MVA) was established to provide clients with an extended service, which includes attending to all accommodation and travelling arrangements required during the processing of their personal injury claim.

Our MVA team understands that serious injuries may leave a victim in a state of constant pain, discomfort and disability, which can make travel tiresome and unpleasant. Our door to door transport in comfortable, reliable, air conditioned motor vehicles, with experienced drivers who appreciate the demands of debilitating injuries, will give each client the peace of mind they deserve.

Our team of trustworthy drivers – Kevin, Owen, James and Michael – form the very foundation of Motor Vehicle Assist. Passionate about serving others and dedicated to going that extra mile, our drivers are willing and able to assist clients with any type of injury or disability, and will do so with a smile.

AALAW Adendorf Attorney Samantha Cane 1

Samantha Cane

Samantha Cane joined the MVA team in 2012 as our service manager and has played a major role in taking client service to a new level. Her excellent organisational skills and sense of compassion have enabled her to attend to the personal and diverse needs of injury victims, who often feel overwhelmed and uncertain during their recovery time.

No task is too great for Samantha, who will make sure that your suitable transportation with personal driver assistance arrives on time, that you are well informed of your appointments and that refreshments and meals are available if needed.

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External Medical and Business Experts

We join forces with respected medical and business professionals who have the knowledge and experience to successfully investigate any personal injury matter, and who are prepared to take the case to trial and win.

• Accident Reconstruction Engineers
• Tracing agents
• Neurologists
• Neurosurgeon
• Spinal Rehab Physicians
• Occupational Therapists

• Speech Therapist
• Psychologists (Neuro-, Clinical, Educational, Industrial)
• Plastic Surgeons
• Urologists
• Forensic Accountants
• Actuaries

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