In a serious accident, a body part can be severed or torn off, or the body part can be so severely damaged that it cannot be saved and will need to be surgically removed. This process of the removal of the body part is referred to as an amputation. Such a loss is one of the most invasive interventions in the body that one can experience.

The most common types of amputation occur to the:

  • fingers
  • toes
  • arms
  • legs

Such an injury requires a lengthy period of rehabilitation which includes:

  • physiotherapy
  • plastic surgery
  • instruction on using a prosthetic or a wheelchair
  • regular intake of medication
  • counselling, to address the feelings of anger and loss of self esteem
  • making modifications to the home and adapting to physical limitations
  • employing carers and domestic helpers

The devastation experienced by someone who has suffered such an injury should never be underestimated. The complexities involved in determining appropriate compensation, especially future medical expenses, for such a client are appreciated and understood by our team of attorneys and medical experts, and no stone is left unturned in investigating what the needs of such a victim may be. A successful claim with a positive maximum outcome can change such a person’s life.

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