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Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)

If you are stopped at a police roadblock or pulled over on suspicion of DUI and your breath alcohol content or blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, you could be arrested and criminally charged by the South African Police Service (SAPS). If this happens to you, you need an experienced attorney from Adendorff Attorneys Inc. who handles DUI cases.

These are some of the possible consequences of being arrested for DUI:

  • You will remain in custody at a police station until released on police warning to appear in court. If you are required to post bail you will be held until this has been paid.
  • Depending on the consequences of your actions, you may be fined between R2,000.00 and R120,000.00 or even imprisoned for up to six years.
  • Your driver’s licence may be suspended, cutting off a vital part of your ability to provide for yourself and your family.
  • You could have a criminal record for up to ten years.

What you should do if you are pulled over:

  • Stay calm and be cooperative. Do not put yourself in a position that negatively affects your chances of being released on warning or your prospects for bail.
  • Do not resist. 
  • Provide accurate contact information. Do not lie about your personal information as this could lead to further charges. 
  • Know you have the right to refuse the breath alcohol test. However, you can be forced to take a blood test, which you cannot refuse. 
  • Be aware the police must read your rights and have them explained if you do not understand them. 
  • Know you have the right to remain silent and have your legal representative present during your statements. 
  • Do not lie that you have had alcohol, but don’t give specific details about how much you consumed. Each person is unique and therefore reacts differently to alcohol.

How Adendorff Attorneys Inc. can help you if you are arrested for DUI:

  • Post your bail.
  • Make sure your rights are protected.
  • Make the necessary representations that could substantiate a diversion or withdrawal of your matter.
  • Help you avoid jail time or the suspension of your driver’s licence and keep your criminal record clean.

At Adendorff Attorneys Inc, we believe that first-time offenders, in particular, deserve quality legal representation and the chance to make things right. Contact Le Roux Snyman, attorney at Adendorff Attorneys Inc. at 060 896 5174 for more information on our rates and services for DUI assistance.

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