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If we don’t win your case, we don’t send you the bill.

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We never turn away a difficult case

At Adendorff Attorneys, our skilled and dedicated legal team have an excellent reputation in helping victims of personal injury incidents obtain the financial compensation they need and deserve. Over the years we have gained a reputation for our expertise, tenacity and success. We don’t give up and we always aim to win.

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If we don’t win. You don’t pay

Our no win, no fee policy is quite simple: You only pay our legal fees once the matter is won! Book your free consultation today for a complimentary evaluation of your case. Once we’ve agreed to represent you, you can be confident knowing we will be at your side, every step of the way.


Londiwe was involved in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident and was found lying next to the road. She was only 19 at the time, with her whole life ahead of her. She sustained a severe head injury which has affected her quality of life. I asked Adendorff Attorneys to represent my daughter when she was still in the hospital. Londiwe’s mother continues, “You always hear these bad stories about other people’s lawyers, but I am so glad we had Adendorff Attorneys on our side right from the very beginning. Shona Thale* - Mother of 19-year-old girl, a pedestrian who sustained a severe head injury when she was hit by a motor vehicle.

Settlement: R6,688,707.70*names have been changed to protect client privacy

Tania was not just Adendorff Attorneys’ client, even the doctors and Specialists handled her with so much dignity and only had her best interests at heart. We want to thank the firm for all their hard work. I will recommend them to anyone who needs professional and legal advice or assistance – especially if they are faced with similar challenges to ours. *Michelle Engelbrecht - Mother of a 17-year-old girl injured in a motorcycle accident.

Settlement R 7,155 855.00*names have been changed to protect client privacy

It was a wonderful experience dealing with Adendorff Attorneys. The drivers were always friendly and gentle with me. They made sure I was comfortable. I never felt like a number; they always showed compassion and understanding for my situation. Helga Veldman* - Former corporate employee involved in a vehicle accident that left her a paraplegic.

Settlement: R 8,596 000.00*names have been changed to protect client privacy

Just when you want to give up, you get positive feedback from Adendorff, or an update, just to say we are still on your case, trying our best! Clive* - involved in a motor vehicle accident, sustained severe head injury and numerous serious fractures.

Settlement: R4,940 974.00*names have been changed to protect client privacy

Adendorff Attorneys helped me a lot. I would not have got this kind of settlement anywhere else. They are the best attorneys to fight your case. You need a Specialist Attorney when you have suffered a severe injury. Steven Dunbar* - 21-year-old student who sustained severe head injuries.

Settlement: R 7,626 533.00*names have been changed to protect client privacy

Adendorff Attorneys looked after us in every respect even though there was a chance we would not win and they would have to carry the costs. It was a lengthy process, but they always kept us up to date. We achieved a settlement based on the merits – in my son’s favour. Cynthia Roos* - Mother of a farm manager involved in an accident in which no other vehicles were involved.

Settlement: R 7, 696 471*names have been changed to protect client privacy

Adendorff Attorneys is really good at what they do. When we needed them they were always there for us. Whenever we called in, Adendorff always assisted where they could and they were a great support to us. We are very grateful to them and I will certainly recommend them. - Teresa Doornhof * Mother of 9-year-old motor vehicle accident victim.

Settlement: R 3 966 530.00* names have been changed to protect client privacy.

I am a Sheriff of the Court and have extensive knowledge of the legal industry. After the accident I appointed Adendorff Attorneys, because I knew from experience that they are the team who really knows what they’re doing. I have since recommended Adendorff to many people because I was impressed at how hard they worked to helped me fight my case. - David September*

Settlement: R 3 962 288.00* names have been changed to protect client privacy.

5 Jaar van goeie werk. Adendorff het my die hele proses laat verstaan en dit vir my maklik gemaak. Hulle was altyd daar vir my! Baie dankie aan Adendorff en die personeel. Die drywers het my uitstekende diens gegee! Mrs van Niekerk* - 38 year old, mother of 3, was no longer able to support her family. Pedestrian hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Settlement: R 3,207 151.00* names have been changed to protect client privacy.

Adendorff always responded immediately to my enquiries and that really meant a lot to us. They did everything they could for us. They could have settled, but decided to go to court and fight for me. Mr Abrahams*- Passenger in vehicle. Suffered brain injuries and can no longer work as a nurse.

Settlement: R 6,460 660.00* names have been changed to protect client privacy.

Adendorff did a great job, I got regular updates and they fought to get me the best settlement. I can now start rebuilding my life. Mr Nogemane* Profession: Delivery Courier - Involved in a motor vehicle accident and lost his leg

Settlement: R1, 544 204.00* names have been changed to protect client privacy

I highly appreciate what you have done for my family, fighting for my son's rights with victory, even though RAF said it was a 0% claim.

Settlement: R8.3 million

Adendorff Attorneys hit the ground running from the day we contacted them to the day the Road Accident Fund paid. I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, understanding, and continued support through the most trying time in our lives.

R 7,280 150.00

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