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Do I have a claim?

To have a claim under the current system in terms of the 1996 Act of Parliament, you need to satisfy two requirements: firstly, that you were injured in an accident – however minor that injury may be – and secondly, that you were not to blame for the accident. This sounds simple in theory but in practice it seldom is – requiring witness statements, independent medical opinions, investigators and more. Contact us to book a consultation and we will assess the merits of your case, for free.

What is negligence – and why is it important?

When another party caused your accident by not taking care, caution or by deliberate action, they can be held responsible for your injuries. Whether you were injured by another person or at a business, if there was negligence involved, you most likely have a case. Contact us as soon as possible to find out more.

What should I do if I am offered a settlement?

Insurance companies often hurry to offer you a settlement so that they can close a claim as quickly as possible. However, in many instances, the figure they offer you is less than you deserve. The true nature of your injuries and the impact they may have on your life may not be immediately apparent, which is why it is important to speak to a specialist personal injuries attorney before you accept.

Can I claim directly from the Road Accident Fund (RAF)?

Yes you can. However, even if you have a legitimate claim, it can take years for your claim to be resolved. Often, the Road Accident Fund will make an offer to the claimant in the hope of an early settlement. While taking an offered amount may seem like a quick and easy solution, the figure may be only a small percentage of what you could receive as cover if you proceed with your claim. Talk to us to find out if an offer made to you is reasonable or not.

How long will it take to get my money?

Personal injury claims can be lengthy and complex and often take up to three years to be finalised. Even then, if you are successful, it can take up to another six months from the time a claim is completed for the claimant to receive the full compensation. This is why at Adendorff Attorneys, we only send you a bill, once we have won your case.

How much do you charge?

At Adendorff Attorneys we don’t send you a bill if we don’t win. We also don’t ask for a deposit. The claims process can be a long one and we’re here to minimise your stress, not increase it. Book a free consultation now and we will assess the merits of your case.