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What it means to be a disabled parent

By December 12, 2018July 11th, 2019No Comments
disabled parent

Being a parent can be challenging. Being a disabled parent with able-bodied children is even harder. By better understanding the frustrations these men and women face, we can be more supportive as a community.

Don’t assume that a disabled person is not a parent

Disabled parents often say that strangers assume that the child they are with does not belong to them.

Stop the stigma

Many disabled parents worry that their child will be teased or bullied as a result of their disposition. This stigma can be lessened through awareness and education.

Ask before you help

Every parent needs a helping hand at times, but for disabled parents it is also important that their children understand that their mom or dad can manage solo. Don’t assume that someone automatically needs help because they are disabled.

Understand the heartache

Every disabled parent’s limitations are different. Imagine the frustration of not being able to lift your child who has taken a tumble. If you’re helping a parent with a disability in a moment like this, be mindful of how bad he or she must be feeling. Keep the mood light.

Milestone moments are extra emotional

Every parent bursts with pride when their child takes their first steps. For parents with a physical disability, however, these moments can also be a time of extreme relief. Imagine watching your child do something that you physically can’t, like running or climbing up a flight of stairs?