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Community Upliftment with The Daisy Project

By September 16, 2019November 14th, 2019No Comments
The Daisy Project

The Daisy Project is a wonderful community based non-profit company with a goal to get the community involved in assisting patients at Karl Bremer hospital through various avenues. 

Due to extensive waiting periods for elective surgeries, Lizann Victor founded the Daisy Project in 2018. Due to the nature of medical needs, emergency surgeries typically take preference, and this naturally leads to a backlog and unexpected pressure on hospital staff and resources.

The Daisy List was created to keep a record of the backlog of surgical patients at Karl Bremer Hospital.  

From June 2018 to date, the Daisy Project has assisted 87 patients with various surgeries


The project focuses on the following four areas at the Karl Bremer Hospital (KBH) in Bellville.

  • The Daisy Surgery list
  • The Paediatric ward
  • Data capturing of folders 
  • Ongoing collection of toys, books, magazines and bookshelves
  • Deep cleaning of certain areas of the hospital


The Daisy Project has doctors, nursing staff and members from the community assisting with time and expert knowledge for free, one Saturday per month.

An assessment is made to identify specific needs, then volunteers in the community are sourced to assist. Space and funding are then facilitated to make the entire process possible. 

Adendorff Attorneys would like to congratulate these amazing people for the valuable work they do in the community.