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Pedestrian Suffers Instant Amputations in Hit and Run Accident

By September 27, 2021November 12th, 2021No Comments
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Settlement: R3 million from Road Accident Fund

What Happened: 

Our client was crossing a quiet road near her home in Atlantis in 2012 when a bakkie carrying glass sheets overtook another car, hitting her head-on. She suffered an instant amputation to her right arm and leg, and her left leg was later removed in surgery, as it was partly severed.

My Story

Kiersten September*, 49, previously worked as a cleaner at a hospital

“I remember everything from the accident. One minute I realised the bakkie would hit me, and the next, I was lying in the road. I could see I had lost an arm and a leg lying near me, and I knew the sheets of glass had done that in the impact. 

The driver sped away. I watched him and I knew he was drunk because he was swerving. I remember asking God to save me for my kids. Miraculously an off-duty paramedic was there; he took off his shirt to stop some of the bleeding. They flew me to the hospital in a helicopter. When I woke up from the surgery, I made a decision to forgive the driver and work hard to heal myself. 

The Road to Rehabilitation

I surprised everybody by recovering and healing enough in five days to be moved to a rehabilitation centre. I asked Adendorff Attorneys Inc. to help me because it was a hit and run road accident, so I knew I could get a payout. They helped me visit a lot of their doctors and provided me with transport to see the doctors and to visit my lawyer Jurie Terblanche, which made it easy for me. I liked how they explained things to me; they didn’t make it complicated, and whenever I needed help with finances, they helped me too.

I get around in a motorised wheelchair, and I used some of my compensation from the RAF to buy a motor car. I employ a driver, and this gives me some independence. After surviving such a terrible accident, I also decided I wanted to make the most of my life, so I also travelled to Kruger Park and other places in South Africa. 

It was hard for my family, but when they saw how strong I was, they knew it would be ok. I live with my mother, my children and my grandchild. I think my energy helps the whole family because I’m always encouraging them to go places and do things.”

How We Helped 

After advising our client of her options, we obtained medical records, and our team of medical experts assessed her injuries. We conducted a thorough investigation of the accident to find relevant evidence. We submitted our findings to the courts in a claim against the Road Accident Fund. She was awarded a lump sum payout of R3 million and additional monthly compensation of R6 000 to pay for a driver and caregiver.

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you need some legal advice about your personal injury claim, why not contact Adendorff Attorneys Inc.? We specialise in representing injured people who have suffered from serious injury and have been left with medical bills, pain, suffering and loss of income.