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Road Accident Fund Awards Father of Five R6,024,715.93

By July 4, 2022July 29th, 2022No Comments

Our client, Peter de Wet*, suffered life-changing injuries after being struck during a roadside breakdown. He turned to Adendorff Attorneys Inc. for assistance in his personal injury case against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). Adendorff Attorneys Inc. successfully won R6,024,715.93 for Peter. With our talented team of lawyers and extensive experience with the RAF, our personal injury law firm is in high demand because we achieve large settlement amounts.

Peter’s story shows how dangerous South African roads have become for pedestrians. On February 4, 2017, Peter was the victim of a horrific accident. While changing his flat tyre, he was first attacked by the occupants of another car and then run over and dragged alongside the attacking vehicle for an unknown distance.

Rescuers in Cape Town took him to the trauma unit at Groote Schuur Hospital. His head had been pinned under the car, causing a sharp, penetrating scalp injury behind his left ear. He suffered blunt trauma to his chest when the car drove over him, passing over his rib and puncturing a lung. X-rays also showed other severe injuries. His treatment and rehabilitation took months at Mitchells Plain Hospital and Conradie Care Centre.

Life After the Accident

Peter, the primary breadwinner in his family, could not find employment. Before the accident, he held various jobs, including on a fishing vessel and in the transportation industry, and had even started a taxi service.

As the father of five children ranging in age from three to nineteen, Peter found himself in a desperate situation, unable to pay child support. It led him into a deep depression. His wife had to take care of him because he could not wash, dress, eat, and walk independently.

Calculating the Personal Injury Claim

The merits in the matter were settled before trial, with The Road Accident Fund admitting 75% liability, leaving RAF responsible for 75% of Peter’s proven claim.

Peter knew he was entitled to a large amount of compensation. But he needed our team of experts to push his case through. Peter’s medical condition was thoroughly evaluated. Our neurologist, psychologist, and occupational therapist concluded that he should be awarded a substantial amount for general damages, future loss of earnings, and future medical expenses. A clinical psychologist, industrial psychologist, and actuarial scientist evaluated his case and agreed with our findings. The Judge awarded a capital amount of R6,024,715.93.

Working with Adendorff Attorneys Inc. on the Personal Injury Claim

Peter’s injuries are a classic example of how a person’s life can change instantly due to severe injuries sustained in an accident on our roads that was not his fault.

“Peter made it clear from the beginning that his compensation was not just for himself but that he hoped to use the money to buy a home for himself and his family and further his children’s education. That was the inspiration for me to get the compensation Peter truly deserved,” says Tamaryn Meyer, candidate attorney with personal injury lawyers, Adendorff Attorneys Inc.

The team at Adendorff Attorneys Inc. understands that clients who have suffered severe injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, in particular, can quickly become frustrated by the sometimes lengthy process. Peter was incredibly patient as we tried to support and rally around him as best we could. We are aware of the lengthy administrative procedures. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance for us to have an open communication channel with our clients so they do not feel alone,” says Tamaryn.

“When I got injured I thought my life was over. I couldn’t work and provide for my family,” says Peter. “But the lawyers at Adendorff Attorneys Inc. won my case and now they will be provided for.”

To ensure that all of Peter’s wishes could be carried out, the court ordered that a trust be created in Peter’s name so that he has sufficient funds for his home, his children’s education, and all of his future needs are catered for, and he can live a comfortable life. At Adendorff Attorneys Inc., this provides great peace of mind knowing that our clients will not be taken advantage of for the compensation they received for their personal injury claims.

*Name has been changed to protect client privacy.
Due to the many factors that impact an individual case, we cannot guarantee a similar result in any future case.

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