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Girl Age 9 Seriously Injured In Car Accident Awarded R3,966,530.00 from RAF

By July 21, 2022November 8th, 2022No Comments
Girl Age 9 Hurt In Car Accident Awarded R3 966 530 From RAF

Adendorff Attorneys Inc. has helped one of our youngest clients to get a R3,966,530.00 payout from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for a personal injury claim. The family’s struggle with an accident and the RAF is representative of many South Africans with similar stories, and we were so happy to be able to assist this wonderful family.

We were contacted by the family after they were involved in a terrible accident. In February 2013, Nonhle Makeba* was hurt in a car accident when her father’s car was hit from behind. She was ejected from the vehicle and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Due to the severity of her injuries, she required treatment at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Nonhle’s family contacted Adendorff Attorneys Inc. for assistance in filing a claim for damages against the RAF.

Life After the Accident

Nonhle suffered several serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. The young woman can no longer speak, is fed through a tube, and cannot stand or walk on her own. She suffers from epilepsy and incontinence and has a disfiguring scar on her head.

Nonhle was in the 3rd grade when the accident happened. She didn’t go back to school and will not be able to work in the future due to her injuries. She requires 24-hour nursing care. This is not the life her distraught parents dreamed of for their child. “When my daughter was in a car accident, I thought my heart would be broken forever,” says Nonhle’s mother, Zoliswa. “Thanks to the RAF payout, I can provide Nonhle with all the care she needs, and we have a future again.”.

Calculating the Personal Injury Claim

Adendorff Attorneys inc. assembled a team of experts to evaluate Nonhle’s injuries and her case. Assessing a minor with educational psychologists and speech and language pathologists is critical when working on children’s personal injury cases. These experts examine the child’s pre-injury skills and determine the impact of the injuries on their future. This is one of the factors used to determine the amount of compensation awarded by the RAF.

The matter was settled before trial, with the Road Accident Fund admitting 100% liability, which made them liable to pay for 100% of Nonhle’s proven claim. The judge awarded a capital amount of R3,966,530.00 for general damages, past medical expenses, future medical expenses, and future loss of earnings and income.

Working with Adendorff Attorneys Inc. on the Personal Injury Claim

Adendorff Attorneys Inc. was honoured to assist this inspiring young girl with her RAF personal injury case. “It was a real privilege to work with Nonhle’s family. The strength and courage they showed drove me to fight for higher compensation,” says Jurie Terblanche, personal injury attorney and Senior Associate at Adendorff Attorneys Inc.

Nonhle played a crucial role in getting her payout. It was challenging because we needed to have her seen by many of our experts such as an educational psychologist, a speech and language pathologist, and even a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, to name a few. These experts were essential in making sure Nonhle received the compensation she deserved and needed to live a life with dignity.

*Name has been changed to protect client privacy.
Due to the many factors that affect an individual case, we cannot guarantee a similar outcome in a future case.

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