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Victim Of A Minibus Accident

By May 11, 2017February 11th, 2022No Comments
minibus accident

Xoliswa* was a passenger in a minibus taxi on her way home from work when the driver skipped a red traffic light and collided with another motor vehicle. Xoliswa was thrown from the taxi and suffered a traumatic back injury that rendered her a paraplegic.

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) officers in the hospital approached Xoliswa and convinced her to submit a Direct Claim. The RAF undertook to settle the hospital bills, provide a wheelchair and settle her claim quickly.

However, the RAF only obtained their own medical reports which did not truly reflect the damage that Xoliswa suffered. This meant that she was not adequately compensated for her pain and suffering and her inability to work for the rest of her life.

Adendorff Attorneys Inc. is suing the RAF for under-settlement, claiming Xoliswa’s true damages from the RAF for the traumatic injury she sustained.

If you suspect that you have been under-compensated, or want to claim from the RAF, talk to the experts. Book your free consultation now.

* names have been changed to protect client privacy