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How expert witnesses can help win a personal injury claim

By August 30, 2018November 12th, 2021No Comments
Expert Witnesses

Whether you were hurt as a pedestrian by a negligent driver or as a passenger in a taxi accident, an expert witness can play an important role in winning your personal injury matter. At Adendorff Attorneys we always aim to win and the full financial compensation that our clients need and deserve. This is why, depending on the nature of the case at hand, we join forces with the key professionals to add their voice and support to your case.

Who are these experts?

The business partners we work with include accident reconstruction engineers, tracing agents, forensic accountant and actuaries, among others. The medical partners we turn to include neurologists, neurosurgeons, occupational therapists, speech therapists, plastic surgeons and more.

How do they help you win?

A qualified expert witness is a professional who has the education, skill, knowledge, training and experience in a specific discipline. It is their duty to provide the court an unbiased opinion based on complex facts that may be difficult for the “average person” to understand.

The medical experts are qualified and highly respected physicians who by reason of their skill, knowledge, education, experience, or training testify on a particular medical area. He or she is a person who has knowledge about the medical and health care profession, beyond that of an average person and as a qualified medical expert witness, he or she can offer an opinion about the medical issues related to the case.

A medical expert can give testimony about the nature and severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, and if they will suffer permanent damage or require ongoing medical care. Whether your attorney calls on a financial analyst, a neurosurgeon or a pain management specialist, their expert testimony can help substantiate your claim, and improve your chances of securing money damages.

An expert witness can communicate the complex details of their profession in way that can be more readily understood by all parties involved in the matter to help them assess the case. The expert will also offer vital insights in a professional, concise manner

While medical witnesses give their professional opinion based on evidence and facts, they are neutral. This is important as it helps to build the validity of their testimony.

Experts can not only provide testimony on the extent of a clients injuries, they can also indicate if the injury will inhibit the client’s ability to work and earn and income plus help to give a fact-based opinion on the value of predicted financial losses that the client will experience of the course of his life.

An expert with courtroom experience can speed up the litigation process. In some personal injury claims, the defendants will settle based on the strength of the expert’s report alone.

Who pays for these external experts?

At Adendorff Attorneys we work on a contingency fee agreement. This means that if we don’t win your matter then you don’t pay a cent. If your case is successfully resolved, then the costs associated with any specialist experts are deducted from the settlement figure you receive. It is important to remember that the support of these relevant medical and business experts can play a key role in winning your case and getting the financial compensation you so rightfully deserve.